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Help Us Chart Our Journey

While Rocky View Schools' (RVS) draft learning narrative speaks to the vision we have for our students, our goal and outcome structure for the 2019-2023 Four Year Plan is our roadmap. Like the narrative, this structure is still a work in progress, and how we solidify these goals and outcomes will largely depend upon the feedback we receive from members of our learning community and our external stakeholders. See our planning process in the first edition of the 2023 by Design communique.

In RVS, we design learning so innovators CAN (connect, achieve, network) and our goals and outcomes have been carefully built out to facilitate environments and scenarios in which all learners are supported holistically. But we don’t profess to have all the answers, which is why we are taking a collective approach to developing our Four Year Plan. Share with us what really resonates about these goals and outcomes and more specifically whether you feel that:
  • RVS’ draft goals reflect what we want wish to achieve. If not, how would you modify them?
  • RVS’ draft outcomes define what it looks like when we get to where we want to be. If not, how would you modify them?
Thank you for joining the conversation. 

Draft Goals & Outcomes
Goal 1: Connect to their passions & interests
  • Students are resilient, healthy, safe and respectful of diverse cultures and traditions.
  • Students engage in real-world, hands-on learning experiences that matter to them.
Goal 2: Achieve their potential
  • Students are literate, numerate, and acquire core competencies.
  • Students meet high expectations and learning objectives.
Goal 3: Network with peers, parents & partners
  • Students demonstrate ownership of their learning, while collaborating with their community.
  • Students make a difference in their life, school, community and the world.
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