Relationships and School Culture

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Springbank Middle

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Positive Relationships and School Community

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build and maintain positive relationships as a school community? 

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Springbank Middle School is in evolution. For a number of years this community has embraced the “We Care” philosophy.  An enthusiastic group of staff has taken on the task of refreshing the standards of Consideration, Accountability, Resilience and Empathy through creating a new House system. Two staff members have worked in schools where a house system has already been implemented and they have been great resources for the rest of the team. A group of four teachers will visit Banded Peak School to take a Learning Walk and learn about the house system there. The goal is to find out about the leadership that the students embody and how this is related to the house system, scheduling, events and school spirit.  This learning group will bring back information, ideas and inspiration to share with us.  The next steps will include creating opportunities to involve students and parents in the planning process.  An aspirational goal of implementing the house system during the spring of 2020 is in place.


This year as well, students and staff have been involved in rebranding the school logo.  Through a consultation process several new logos have been created. These logos are meant to have meaningful connections between the school and community, while representing the spirit of our students.   These will be heading back to students for input. School council, when consulted preferred to give the learners at Springbank Middle School the lion’s share of input. When the selection process is completed an official launch and celebration will held. 


Staff recognize the need to take particular action to strengthen relationships with students.

We have a student body that has considerable leadership potential and so we need to be more comprehensive in providing those opportunities for students (Change Makers Club, GSA, House System Leaders, Peer Mentors, etc.)

Implementing something as large as a school-wide house system requires a great deal of time and consideration. Learning from others is going to help us put in place a more effective system of connecting students in houses, reinforcing our CARE principles.

<font color="#4472c4" size="1">Staff to visit Banded Peak School and <font color="#4472c4" size="1">Elbow Valley to see how they organize <font color="#4472c4" size="1">their house systems will take place on February 12.

Identify grade 8 leadership students and begin preparation 

Students were <font color="#4472c4" size="1">extensively consulted in developing 2 new logos for the school and implementation of those will be in place this year. We would also like to see a more comprehensive and unified approach to behaviour at school, perhaps using PBIS and Restorative Practices.
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