Combined Math 20-1/-2

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Beiseker Community

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Supporting student success through inclusion

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How might we work together to customize programming and celebrate a variety of ways to learn and help de-stigmatize accessing support?

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High school math teachers are prototyping a combined math program for students in Math 20-1 and Math 20-2 streams. Teachers will team teach for three or four units with all students in the same room, providing opportunity for teachers to facilitate small groups and provide extra support through lessons. Students will be assessed using core concepts (Math 20-2 level) and extension questions (Math 20-1 level). Those students considering or choosing to pursue the 20-1 stream are required to complete all extension questions to ensure outcomes are being met. A project will be completed during the combined math period, to allow students a chance to better understand the math stream that best supports their goals. At the end of the three combined units, students will be given the opportunity (with parent consent) to decide which stream they want to continue with for the remainder of the semester. At this time, classes will diverge and marks will be adjusted accordingly.