Public Exhibition of Learning

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Public Exhibition of Learning

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How might we increase authenticity and reflection in assignments and assessment?

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Our prototype in this area is public exhibition of learning. Every student in our school will have at least one opportunity to engage in a public exhibition of their learning this year. This was determined as a priority area for our school through feedback form our student engagement during a Spring Playbook focus group. The intent of the public exhibitions is to provide students with a meaningful opportunity to present their authentic work to a genuine audience.

So far this Fall, we have had five public exhibitions of learning. These occurred in Grades 2,3,5,6 and 7. The exhibitions were well received with students, staff, family members and community members engaging with our students. Overall, this prototype is creating excellent connections in our community while fostering a sense of purpose for student work.


We will continue to make the learning visible through our social media platforms, Facebook and Twitter. This will also make the experiences reflect-able in the future. We will collect feedback throughout the year from various stakeholders to determine the success of our prototype.

The students appreciated the opportunity to share their work. It was exciting for their voice from the Spring Playbook to turn into a reality through a prototype. All aspects of the prototype went well. Our next step is to continue our work in instructional design to deepen our culture of public exhibition.

Recently, some teachers have chosen to plan a second public exhibition of learning this year. This connects very well with authentic learning. It also provides students with multiple opportunities to reflect upon deliverables on the way to creating a fantastic project to share with our school community.