Langdon Students' Eyes are Opened

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Engage students in real-world experiences that matter to them

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We noted how kindergarten students have a natural wonder for all learning. Everything is exciting! But what about the middle school kids? Sometimes we feel we are pulling them along in the learning as reluctant participants. 

Students at Langdon School show tremendous energy and enthusiasm when engaged in a subject of personal interest. When engaged properly, students see the benefits of acquiring a new skill, developing academic resiliency or learning how to respect the cultural diversity that flourishes in Rocky View Schools. Being intentional in our planned learning experiences will help students make connections and understand how projects and field trips enhance the learning goals. Teachers are creating and sharing I can statement for filed trips. Cross-curricular projects have taken on a new zeal! Social studies and Science courses are the driving forces behind exciting, hands-on projects for students. Students at Langdon School show tremendous energy and enthusiasm when engaged in a subject of personal interest.

Setting clear expectations supports learning and feelings of security for students. As a school, we have reinitiated the Dragon Code, a moral code that has been in place since the opening of the school. The code reinforces how we treat one and other and what we can expect as a school community.  All of the common areas in the school are governed by the code and classes have age-appropriate guidelines for behaviour that link directly to the code.

Engaging students in reading has posed a challenge. Accepted! As a school, we developed Literacy Belief statements and actions. Once in place, we looked at structures for promoting reading that would be fun for students, pulling them into the world of books. Our literacy team works with the RVS cohort to plan our course, bring in support for teachers and purchase relevant resources.