#InnovatorsCAN campaign

Name of Department/Branch:

Executive Team

In five words or less, describe your prototype

encourage staff to share

Insert an image that showcases your prototype.

How might we?:

empower a culture that fosters creativity and innovation through staff sharing their voice

Describe the prototype(s) your Department/Branch will focus on. Get creative. Be sure to describe the various approaches staff will take, what you will keep your eye on and how staff plan to document their results.

What will you try?

To encourage staff to share examples of isk taking, innovation, creative teaching and learning activities under the #InnovatorsCAN hashtag. Publicize this campaign via The Narrative, social media posts, retweet/share exemplars.

What will you keep your eye on; what will occur that will give you insight?

See if teachers are willing to share innovative practices with their peers and the public. See if posts are made beyond those staff who current share what is going on in their classroom.

How will you document your results?

Items will be posted on social media platforms. Track the number of posts, re-posts, likes on items with the #InnovatorsCAN hashtag