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Showcase Your Space

Close your eyes and envision a space where learning might take place. What would it look like? How would it make you feel? And most importantly, how would it inspire innovation?

We’ve seen a shift in the design of learning spaces that has moved Rocky View Schools further on the spectrum towards more flexible, inviting and collaborative spaces that create opportunities for differentiated learning. This is in part because of a growing body of research that shows a correlation between the design of physical spaces and achievement and well-being. Emergent technologies also have played a role in this shift, in that learners can make connections that extend beyond the confines of the traditional bricks and mortar school. This has not only influenced new pedagogical approaches, but also inspired creativity and foresight into the design of active learning spaces that have a positive cognitive impact. 

So, let’s circle back to your vision. Whether you are a member of Rocky View Schools' learning community or a life-long learner, we want you to share photos of your current or ideal space and tell us:

  • Why you think learning spaces matter to today’s learners
  • How you create an engaging and effective space that gets you and/or others excited to learn
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