myBlueprint Goal Setting

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Rainbow Creek Elementary

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Setting and reaching goals on myBlueprint

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How might we empower our students to set and reach their goals?

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Using myBlueprint staff will assist students with creating goals and reflecting on them throughout the year to ensure they are taking steps to attain their goals. Teachers will ensure that students revisit their goals, discuss them with their parents and set strength-based goals to engage students. Teachers will reflect on this process with their students, take anecdotal notes and make attaining goals successfully a visual in their classrooms. 
Students enjoy using the iPads and myBlueprint as a goal-setting tool. They get excited about sharing it at home with their parents. This prototype aligns with LEARN through appreciating diversity in ideas and ways of learning as well as purposely reflecting on learning. Our young learners enjoyed working with their learning buddies classes and with parent volunteers who could coach them through the questions set for goal-setting. It was challenging when our iPads were being repurposed so were unavailable for use. Teachers found using consistent language helped improve students ability to set goals, as well as modelling their own goals. Moving forward this prototype group plans to create continuous goal-setting opportunities as well as create opportunities for students to reflect with their families on myBlueprint. Finally, they plan to emphasize that reflection is what helps us build skills and helps us become better at the things we are practicing.