Student Documentation for Visible Learning Journey

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Sarah Thompson

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Student Learning Journey through visible classroom documentation

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How might we make our learning visible? 

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Our staff is beginning to examine the importance of student documentation and representation in what we showcase in our classrooms and hallways.  Student discussion and point of view is documented so that anyone who enters our classroom can see how the students in each classroom connect to each other's ideas in their learning journey.  Students feel supported in their point of view and the documentation helps create connections between ideas and develop student relationships.  This shows students that there are many different ways to think about and understand concepts presented to them.  Teachers and Support Staff all participate, at various times, in the documentation of student voice and connections by recording them quickly either into a notebook, or taking a quick photo.
Students value seeing their opinions and thoughts documented to help them reflect on their learning journey.  Other teachers, students and parents are able to connect to student learning through this documentation.  Further documentation is needed in order to capture a wider audience.  Teacher reflection and discussions with students will help indicate the success of our prototype.  Students will be encouraged to reflect on their learning journey and document their understandings in myBlueprint.  Teachers will continue to showcase student learning journeys on social media to reach a wide audience.

Finding time for meaningful documentation and knowing when to update our learning journey remains a struggle for some staff.  Students have responded positively and are making meaningful connections to their own ideas.  Continuing to grow and collaborate as a staff with continuous student input will lead to success in this practice.