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Springbank Middle

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Enhancing and Celebrating Learning Spaces

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encourage or develop a greater sense of pride in our places of learning?

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Springbank Middle School holds a traditional and revered place in the community.  Several generations of community members have attended school here.  The school was modernized and rededicated in April of 1992 and the familiarity of the building resonates strongly in the community and with students and their families. Recently the Learning Commons was refreshed with a renovation, new paint and carpeting.  Modern furniture that encourages collaboration and the use of this space as a place to meet and learn has been put in place.  This sense of renewal will continue with a much-needed new coat of paint for the gymnasium and a renovation of two washrooms. The next goal is to revision the cafeteria space here at the school.  Recently our long running cafeteria coordinator retired, and the cafeteria is not continuing as a service for students.  As such, a large learning space, approximately the equivalent of two classrooms is available.  We will consult with staff, students and parents on how to reconfigure and use the space.  Staff are currently using the design process, to discover, define, develop and document, to create new spaces that will serve this school community for the future.  The planning and design process is underway with plans to involve all stakeholders.  


Scheduling and booking shared spaces can be cumbersome and is not always consistent. We will investigate utilizing O365 as an on-line booking process for all shared spaces. Staff was introduced to Power Apps for scheduling. 

With the elimination of our cafeteria we have far less garbage in our hallways; we still have work to do to help instill a sense of pride in our school in order to reduce garbage and mess in hallways.

Maintenance and refreshing spaces has a profound impact on the way that people treat that space; with the recent renovation of our Learning Commons we see more respectful usage and treatment of that space.

We anticipate there could be some budget challenges in the future that might affect our timeline in re-purposing our old cafeteria space.

Initiate consultation process in the new year regarding potential changes to what was old the cafeteria space.

Complete painting of the entire gym.

Renovate student washrooms prior to the end of the 2019-20 school year.

<font color="#4472c4" size="1">There is a need to reflect on how we maximize the learning spaces we have and how best to meet student needs and encourage engagement.  How do we benefit from the physical space around us to make learning visible?