Activating students' strengths to encourage collaboration and engage with our parent community so that they are supported at home

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Windsong Heights

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In five words or less, describe your prototype

Engaging collaboratively with stakeholders

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How might we?:

How might we further engage our parents in accessing online information regarding their children’s learning to enable them to better support and encourage their children from home?

How might we activate students strengths and interests to increase engagement? (rethink spaces/encourage collaboration/multiple entry points)

Describe the prototype(s) your school will focus on. Get creative. Be sure to describe the various approaches staff will take, what you will keep your eye on and how staff plan to document their results.

Further engage parents in accessing online information regarding their child's learning to enable them to better support and encourage them to better support them at home.  Support our students in taking ownership for their learning and developing an understanding of themselves as learners.  Students will use My Blueprint to engage in goal setting and reflection on their learning.    Student interest in reflecting - they will hopefully begin reflecting without teacher direction.  Students choosing work that showcases their learning goal.  Notice goals that students choose - are they things they actually do need to work on.
Google Classroom is a great way to connect with students and parents.  This is a place where students can also reflect on their learning.  Consider sending a weekly email including some at home challenges - BINGO card for completing the challenges and providing parents with a reward.  There was good buy in, and students came to school excited about the science experiments that they were doing at home.  
The iPads were a great way to document and share learning through My Blueprint.  Students reflected on what they were doing, what they did well, and what they would change next time.  There was a wondering about literacy goals.
The next steps were to consider what to do if there is trouble with friendships; how to encourage students through extra-curricular activities and connections.  A tricky was/is getting parents engaged and checking My Blueprint.  We need to work on fine tuning how we communicate with parents - they need to learn a new platform every year and it is becoming cumbersome and overwhelming.
There needs to be a continuum of reflection (shared language and processes).  A next strip is to work on peer reflections - sharing goals and steps to meet goals and build accountability to one another.  Identify a team to create alignment for expectations/language (Ex. cafe program).