myBluePrint and Metacognition

Name of School:

Glenbow Elementary

Our school is considered:


In five words or less, describe your prototype

Student reflection through myBluePrint

Insert an image that showcases your prototype.

How might we?:

How might we use myBlueprint as a metacognitive tool for our students whereby they reflect more intentionally on their learning and take more ownership of it? 

Describe the prototype(s) your school will focus on. Get creative. Be sure to describe the various approaches staff will take, what you will keep your eye on and how staff plan to document their results.


  • students capture their learning in a variety of ways including picture, video and audio 

  • accessible to parents for their participation, too


  • the tough stuff:  teaching meaningful metacognitive practices 

  • the easy stuff:  navigating the program including the use of class pass QR codes

  • the tool needs to be a part of what students do every day


  • students can share learning through different mediums / meet learner needs (ie. Audio – capture stronger oral reflection over written)


  • teachers gain valuable formative assessment through student reflections

  • students see their learning has a purpose and they need to engage and think about it

  • how myBlueprint helps build the "why" into our learning, metacognition strategies

  • we can link myBlueprint to PowerSchool assessments

  • we can add assessment comments to photos in order to demonstrate/communicate learning


  • capture class photos, field trips, group and partner work – share and acceptance of other's ideas, and celebration of our own learnings