Maslow's needs are met

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Meet basic needs; enable learning

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Enable a learning environment where students are healthy, safe, resilient, and value diversity, cultures, and traditions.

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Grade level projects to increase awareness of diversity and cultures. 
Students learn how they can make a positive difference in their life, school community, and the world. At LAngdon School, we believe in our Dragon Code, which demonstrates citizenship and respectful conduct for peers, adults, community members. By living and practicing the values in the code, we learn how to conduct ourselves as responsible citizens. 

Students are learning how to use MyBlueprint to showcase their learning. The portfolio is about individual growth and reflection. As we get better at using the platform, students and parents will be able to look back on a year of learning together. Staff share learning through classroom newsletters, school newsletters, and hallway bulletin boards to intentionally link field trips and experiences to the world.

Meet students' basic needs.
One step to ensure students are present for learning is to meet their most basic of needs. The Breakfast Club ensures that 100% of Langdon students have access to food from each of the food groups outlined by the Canada Food Guide, every morning making sure no one is hungry in class. We also provide snacks throughout the day, as needed. Vending machines have healthier choices and we encourage students to drink water. 

Our students have access to a number of supports for wellness: Mind Up curriculum, CDA support, Wellness Teacher support, WiseGuys, Shout, Healthy Relationships and the 4Rs curriculum. The supports are one-on-one, small group or full class. Feeling a sense of belonging and a connection to people in the school is our goal.