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The latest draft of RVS' 2019-2023 Four Year Plan is presented below and more fully in the Third Edition of RVS' Innovators 2023 by Design. This iteration contains a set of interconnected design principles and strategies developed by the Superintendent Working Committee. During the month of January, we are seeking feedback on the latest draft of our plan. Specifically, we'd ask that you consider whether:

  • RVS’ draft goals and outcomes reflect the direction the jurisdiction should pursue? If not, how would you modify them?
  • The new design principles resonate with you? If not, how would you modify them?
  • The new strategies define the actions to be undertaken in Year One of the plan? If not, how would you modify them?
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2019-2023 Four Year Plan (Draft 2)

Goals and Outcomes

In RVS, we design learning so innovators,

Goal 1: Connect to their passions and interests


  • Students engage in real-world, hands-on learning experiences that matter to them.
  • Students demonstrate ownership of their learning.

Goal 2: Achieve their potential


  • Students are literate, numerate and acquire core competencies.
  • Students meet high expectations and learning outcomes, tailored to their individual capabilities.

Goal 3: Navigate successfully as global citizens


  • Students are healthy, safe, resilient and value diversity, cultures and traditions.
  • Students make a difference in their life, school, community and the world.

Design Principles

As we approach our work, together, we will LEARN:

  • Leverage the talent of the learning community to make a positive impact on the life of students, staff, parents and our world.
  • Engage in purposeful work designed to build foundational skills and competencies through projects that foster deep understanding.
  • Amplify and value diversity – in ideas, people, ways of knowing and ways of being.
  • Reflect on learning through meaningful assessments to inform and showcase growth.
  • Nurture positive relationships built on trust, support and care for one another.

To help build your understanding of the design principles please watch this short video below.


To foster the conditions for innovation, we will establish superintendent action committees to develop action plans around six priority areas in Year One of the Plan:

  • Student Engagement - Enhance and measure student voice in the co-construction of learning.    
  • Diversity - Develop and implement a system-wide diversity framework. 
  • Instructional Practices - Align and coordinate pedagogical approaches – from building foundational skills to PBL to inclusion – across all K – Gr. 12 schools.
  • Make Learning Visible - Enhance the visibility of students’ learning journey and growth across all grades.
  • System Redesign - Redesign RVS’ collaborative and organizational structures to maximize resources, professional learning opportunities, teamwork and innovation. 
  • School Redesign - Redesign RVS’ evidenced-based planning framework for schools.
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