Who's Making a Difference?

I'm lucky to work in the Education Centre and work with so many people that make huge differences in the lives of students through Learning Supports and Technology for Learning. 

As a parent, I've been doubly lucky to have extremely caring teachers for my daughter during her time in RVS. At Herons Crossing, my daughter has had Mrs. Smith, Ms. Conrad and Ms. Widmer for past grades and now Mrs. Woronuik. When my daughter started experiencing test anxiety in Grade 3, Ms. Conrad was so open to working with me and offering solutions that worked for Sophia. In Grade 4, Ms. Widmer worked with me further to address escalating anxiety and self-esteem issues. 

All of her teachers so far have made huge impacts on my daughter, helping her to re-engage in her learning and with her school.

Who on your staff is going the extra mile to connect with students and has made a huge impact in a student's direction and life? Who do you want to recognize?