Instructional Design

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Instructional Design

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How might we support staff in instructional design and a culture of reflective and collaborative practice?

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Our prototype in this area is Instructional Design. Our school has engaged with Learning Specialists throughout the Fall to explore Instructional Design. We have worked to foster a collaborative and collegial approach to designing learning experiences for our students.

Work on this prototype has occurred during our December PL day, as well as sessions with individual teachers. We also have many staff members taking on leadership roles in the areas of literacy, numeracy, and authentic and engaging experiences. The staff leadership will be leveraged through teachers leading portions of our PL days to support collective efficacy.


In the Spring, we will engage in professional learning surrounding authentic assessment and standards-based assessment. This is intended to develop our capacity in this area as we transition to becoming a real-time reporting school next year. We believe this professional learning is tremendously important as instruction and assessment are strongly linked.


We will evaluate our progress in this priority area through the authenticity of our instructional design and our public exhibitions of learning. Documentation of this area will occur through social media and vlogs.

This prototype is working well so far, and aligns with multiple engagements from our Spring Playbook. We value working together in designing learning experiences as a team. Our next step is to create more time and opportunities to engage with colleagues, as this has served as beneficial.

Recently, we have been starting to explore the connections between instruction, assessment (including real-time reporting), and reflection through digital portfolios. Our upcoming professional learning day in February will provide a time to dive deeper into these topics. Some teachers have expressed that they are moving forward with a second exhibition of learning this year, which provides a wonderful means to further connect these aspects of professional practice.