Student Choice

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Sarah Thompson

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In five words or less, describe your prototype

Leveraging student's interests in designing for learning

Insert an image that showcases your prototype.

How might we?:

honour student choice/voice in designing for learning?

Describe the prototype(s) your school will focus on. Get creative. Be sure to describe the various approaches staff will take, what you will keep your eye on and how staff plan to document their results.

- Offering choice to students with how they will showcase their learning 
- Providing students with a wide variety of experiences to enhance their capabilities 
- Leveraging student's questions and interests in designing learning opportunities
- Focusing on conceptual understandings and providing opportunities for surface, deep, and transfer learning

Making this prototype visible will involve staff documenting student's work on social media (twitter) as well as students documenting their thinking/growth on myblueprint. We will know we are successful when students are excited about their learning and are engaged in meaningful tasks. 
As a staff, we are developing our initial understandings of concept based instruction. Moving forward we need opportunities to deepen our understanding through professional learning, and time to collaborate/share about what has been successful in each classroom. Being able to share our successes as a staff with regards to creating meaningful tasks that incorporate conceptual understandings will be beneficial for us moving forward.