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Collaborative process to determine best practice

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Develop a common language and pedagogical practice to support students best understanding and learning?

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Learning Walks

We will be using a variety of tools to help teachers engage in professional dialogue around what is best practice for Langdon Students in the Langdon environment. These are homegrown ways to look at our environment, identify areas for development and reflect on what is happening. Learning Walk, Literacy Walks, classroom visits and learning labs are ways we can set up this culture in the school. This collaborative time promotes discussion, reflection and entry points to improve personal practice. Teachers are encouraged to think outside their normal pedagogical parameters and take some calculated risks as a means of reaching more students and developing a stronger educational connection.

Literacy Structures
Common literacy blocks - the elementary grades 1-4 have a common literacy block each day. During this block, classroom teachers, learning assistants and a learning support teacher are assigned to the grade. The students are divided into groups depending on their identified needs. An adult works with each small group for 6 - 8 weeks to target specific skills. Pre and post-assessments are completed so we can track progress. Depending on the results, new groups are created, new goals are set and the process repeats itself. 

Literacy Structures 
At the upper grades, we have a dedicated block of time for literacy instruction. Last year, we gathered baseline data about reading levels. We organized student groups for targeted support. It was met with limited success as we lacked a structure for the time. This year, we are trialing a Book Club structure for the time. This will support student choice in material and provide teachers with time to engage readers in real-life experiences.