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George McDougall

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Every student to greatest potential

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How might we ensure that every student has the opportunity for success?

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We will be undertaking a substantial social equity project beginning in Semester 2. We will have students, staff, and families become critically aware of the inequalities that exist in our building: racial/cultural background, gender identity/sexuality, financial/socioeconomic, systemic, and others as identified. Through reflection and collective understanding, we will share our findings with the learning community and co-create a plan to create equity. We will start with our staff engaged in professional learning with an Indigenous scholar on decolonization and Indigenization. That foundation is integral in increasing overall socially just practices and processes in our school. We will be monitoring students feeling accepted and support for their diversity and needs, with staff building confidence in inclusive practices. We will be watching that all families feel welcome and supported to aid their student, while all members of the learning community realizing the plethora of possibilities for students to pursue after graduation. We will engage in a pre and post survey of staff and students, while also looking at our satisfaction results in the dimensions of caring, safety, belonging, welcoming, and preparing for workplace. We will also look for an increase in community contributions with meaningful acts of service and students being prepared to be global citizens that are accepting of diversity.
We are in the beginning of this project; it is designed yet we will experiencing the process in our 2nd semester. From current and past practices, students, families, and staff are excited to be able to tackle areas where discrimination and marginalization may occur. Our staff are excited to learn more about decolonization and Indigenization in order to more meaningfully apply FMNI learning as per the new Alberta TQS. Our prototype aligns with LEARN in leveraging capabilities through enabling all students to succeed despite challenges, while appreciating and supporting diversity. The whole basis for inclusion is nurturing relationships built on trust, support, and care for each other. Our next steps are to publish our Social Equity project guideline book and start professional learning on decolonization and Indigenization. We will be capturing feedback as we progress through the project and will articulate a formal plan for 2020-2021 school year.