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Advancing RVS' 2019 - 2023 Four Year Plan

The results are in! Over 300 pages of feedback on RVS' draft goals and outcomes were generated from the jurisdictional Oct. 5 Professional Learning Day, Oct. 7 Partner Review and October Trustee/School Council discussions. We heard what you said and have made several revisions - look to our Second Edition of Innovators 2023 by Design for full details.
Now it's time to let the rubber hit the road. We're in the strategy development phase and we want your participation in this most important phase. Provided below is the second draft of our goals and outcomes. After reviewing them, we want you to identify strategies that would foster the conditions for innovation. More specifically, we'd love if you would respond to one or more of the following questions:
To foster the development of innovators....
a) The government needs to? i.e., Align resources to challenge the status quo, push boundaries and propel growth.
b) RVS needs to? i.e., Foster shared leadership to develop a culture of innovation
c) My school needs to? i.e., Use school and classroom data to define instructional priorities.
d) I need to? i.e., Improve instructional and professional practices through collaboration with others.
Thank you for joining the discussion. Your suggestions will be forwarded to RVS' Superintendent Working Committee for consideration.

Draft 2 Goals and Outcomes
In RVS, we design learning so innovators,
Goal 1: Connect to their passions and interests
  • Students engage in real-world, hands-on learning experiences that matter to them.
  • Students demonstrate ownership of their learning.
Goal 2: Achieve their potential
  • Students are literate, numerate, and acquire core competencies.
  • Students meet high expectations and learning outcomes, tailored to their individual capabilities.
Goal 3: Navigate successfully as global citizens
  • Students are healthy, safe, resilient and value diversity, cultures and traditions.
  • Students make a difference in their life, school, community and the world.
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