Discovering Life as an Ed Tech Specialist

Amber Mrak, Ed Tech Specialist - Being the new kid on the block on the Ed Tech Specialist team, I feel like the first couple of months have purely been all about discovery. In addition to learning about my new role and exploring the inner workings and dynamics of both the Education Centre and the two teams I have been asked to support (Ed Tech and the Learning Design Team), I am always on the lookout for intersections with the amazing workflows that surround us here.

Throughout this time of discovery, I have come to recognize that there was a great deal of work done prior to my arrival and there is still considerable work ahead. In my current role, I am afforded the opportunity to witness and identify where the gaps might be. I feel as though I’m in the midst of my own action research project, wading through a jungle of information and data. It leads me to wonder:

  • How might we build a common cultural understanding of CoSL across RVS?
  • How might we encourage and support creativity for teachers to design their teaching and learning opportunities?
  • How might we build a culture of student agency that connects to all our learners?
  • How might we share what our students are making, creating and doing with a greater audience?
  • How might we build metacognition in our students, document student voice and create core routines that offer students skills to be powerful reflectors?

I have spent a lot of time exploring CoSL since moving into my current position. For those of you who aren’t 100 per cent sure what that acronym stands for, you are not alone my friends. CoSL stands for Communication of Student Learning.

Being responsive to what our colleagues require to explore CoSL in its entirety, we have started creating mini videos as our prototype to get the word out. To check out the first one, click HERE. We are also exploring one-pagers to help design our workflow and find authentic connections to goal setting, three-way conferences, student portfolios and Real Time Reporting. As the new kid, I am thankful to those who have allowed me to enter their learning communities, asked me questions I had to delve into, and challenged the work I am exploring.