Innovation by Life Design

Laurie Johnston – Principal – Bert Church High School – Earlier in my journey as Principal, it was critical to establish School Values to guide our practices and culture. As a collective, we created three values in being a Charger: Inquisitive, Inclusive and Innovative. While we live these values every year, we also have spent time focusing on each one; for 2018/2019, we converge on being innovative. As RVS enters into the next Four Year Plan in having all of our learners be innovators, we are excited to be part of the process.

We believe that being an Innovator initially lies in how we attend to designing ourselves to learn and to live at our greatest potential. In that reflection and action, we access our creativity and our problem-solving skills, while assessing our contributions back to our communities. In our inquiry, we engage in addressing the wheel of human wellness. How do we want our lives to be: physically, mentally, socially, spiritually, financially, environmentally and academically? What do we want our lives to speak, in our learning and in our achievements?

While the exploration in designing our lives begins by seeking the answers, we realize that connecting with others is how our dreams and goals are best realized. Partnering in meaningful relationships is how we access others to innovate, feel empowered and achieve. Examples include our school’s collaboration with Airdrie organizations to become the healthiest city in Canada and in our civic pursuit of being a Blue Zone community.

We are integrating the Blue Zone principles that have come from longevity and quality living research across the world into our Advisory learning. There is wisdom to collect, to direct our choices in how we move, eat, learn and relate. Purpose is central, arising from our passions and interests, in driving our action. Socially, it is important that we value family, enter places of belonging and find communities that align with and support the life designs we have innovated. Respect and inclusion are key.

Life and learning do come down to choices. We desire our entire learning community to have all the opportunities and resources necessary to be able to make the best choices possible to achieve. We are confident that we will all develop into being Innovators who are proud of what our lives demonstrate and who will make positive differences in our world. We know that WE CAN!