Caden's Cadence

Caden’s Cadence -

Through a day in the life of Caden, a Gr. 9 student from George McDougall High, we learn how friends, family, pets, school, work and play all contribute to a young person’s sense of well-being.

Kim Gamm – Acting Assistant Principal, George McDougall High School – When Sue Larke and I first met with Caden’s mother, Charlene, we were all in agreement that it was critical that we create a program that would meet Caden’s need to be physically active and help build critical life skills, including literacy and numeracy skills.

At George McDougall High School we foster the belief that school needs to make sense for every student. This is achieved by creating personalized environments and programming that meets students where they are at. It’s important to note, however, that inclusion doesn’t always mean everybody in the same place at the same time.

In a school setting, it’s important to have a shared vision of what inclusion looks like within the school. We need to be mindful that inclusion can look different in different classes with different teachers. Shelley Moore is a strong advocate of inclusion and has some brilliant ideas of what she thinks inclusion is and how to approach it within a school setting. Shelley shares valuable resources on her blog

The Learning Support department at George McDougall advocates for individualized programming that works for each student, regardless of the complexities they have, whether intellectual, social-emotional, behavioral or other. We strive to program appropriately for each individual by respecting their strengths and challenges. The teachers at George McDougall are excellent at meeting students where they are at and supporting their needs, which in turn allows for individual and collective success. 

With regards to Caden, we were able to create a schedule that relieved some of his anxieties about school and addressed his academic needs. As evidenced by the video above, Caden now feels like he is a part of the school community, which is a cause for celebration for his family and the team at George Mac!