Gaining Clarity Through Discovery

Penny Beaudry, Principal, Windsong Heights School“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” Marcel Proust

Members of a school community consist of experts: students, the focus of all that is done; staff, who make education their work; and parents, who entrust their beautiful children to our care. The Discovery process has allowed everyone to take a step back to look at our Windsong landscape with new eyes.

The Discovery phase has resulted in: staff considering next steps; parents reflecting on the broader picture beyond experiences of their children; and students having an active voice with a respectful, listening ear. This process demonstrated the one thing we all have in common, the sincere desire to make the Windsong Heights learning community the best it can be.

Students felt engaged in their learning but had difficulty articulating the purpose of the activities and the connection to other learning. Students felt invested in their learning but need challengeInsight from students are supported with data from the APORI and PAT results. At Windsong, we are excelling at supporting those who need support, but more work needs to occur in challenging high achievers.  

Through our parent community we discovered that there is much to celebrate. The leadership provided by our youngest learners, “The Kindness Ninjas,” (Kindergarten) has had a tremendous impact on school families. Our parents voiced their hope that the movement of the Kindness Ninjas would spread to the rest of our school community, even if it looks different at each grade level.

As a staff at Windsong Heights, we are on a journey where we still need to invest in our landscape before diverging. Staff will delve deeper into literacy and numeracy and continue our work on wellness. This discovery was supported by the 2019 RVS Satisfaction Survey of students and in Grade 6 Provincial Achievement Test results.

The Discovery process has brought clarity of the vision. It has put the landscape into focus. By including all members of our community in the process, we are able to see Windsong Heights School with new eyes on the future.