"We" CAN - The Year Ahead

Greg Luterbach, Superintendent of Schools - After more than a year of planning, we now shift to bringing our new Four Year Plan (4YP), Innovators by Design, to life. As I have said previously, I appreciate all of the input we received in the development stage of the plan; it truly helped shape the plan and crystalized a shared vision of what we want for Rocky View Schools' (RVS) students.

As defined through RVS' new Spring School Playbook, throughout the fall schools will continue to engage in a series of activities ('protocols' in the design thinking language) designed to create opportunities for schools to look beneath the surface to 'discover' the  needs of their schools and students, then 'define' how might we questions to guide the work ahead. Moving onto the Fall School Playbook, school staffs will then be challenged to 'develop' multiple prototypes to help address their how might we questions and to 'document' and share their story of what worked, what didn't work and what prototypes they intend to move forward.

You are not alone. To build upon the deep dive engagements schools are undertaking, an Education Centre (EC) Playbook will be released in October, asking department/branch staff to engage with others in RVS’ design process. With an eye to redesign collaborative, organizational and planning structures to maximize resources, professional learning opportunities, teamwork and innovation, all department/branches also will be asked to share their prototypes in December via RVS’ crowd-source site 2023 by Design. I feel it is important that the EC is learning and engaging in design thinking just like our schools.

You may be asking; okay I know what our school is doing with our playbooks, but I wonder what other schools are doing or what is happening at the jurisdictional level? In keeping with how we communicated about the development of the 4YP, a series of Innovators by Design 2023 communiques have been planned for 2019/20 to keep our staff abreast of the work of the Superintendent Design Teams. To be released October, January, March and May, the communiques will be complemented by videos and blogs speaking to RVS’ four-phase design process: discover, define, develop and document. As well, a new Idea Quest Yearbook will be released in March featuring the best of the best prototypes published through schools’ Fall School Playbook.

In advance, I want to thank ALL staff who will be working to bring our 4YP to life. Our plan is ambitious and is built on top of the many great things already happening at RVS. Please keep our LEARN design principles in mind as you design learning opportunities for students. Together "We" CAN help students connect to passions, interests and people; achieve their potential; and navigate successfully as global citizens.

Have a great 2019/20.