Our Learning Journey Continues!

Lisa Metcalfe, Assistant Principal, Crossfield Elementary School - At Crossfield Elementary School (CES) we are all learners. We adore our community and are proud of our school, our students, our staff and our families. We value learning and are committed to working together to make a difference for all learners. When Rocky View Schools introduced Innovators by Design, the new 2019 – 2023 Four Year Plan, we were excited to renew and continue our learning journey. With support from our Learning Design Specialists, we were able to delve deep into the Discover Phase of the Spring Playbook and reflect using a design process that focused on our guiding question, “What motivates us?”  

This question became a discussion point for all CES stakeholders. Our students said they enjoy working together and are motivated to make a difference in their community. Our parents expressed that they value our safe and caring culture and are motivated by our common language and programs across the grades. Our staff members articulated that they “love working with and learning from each other” and are motivated to pursue professional learning that is relevant and meaningful. We also discovered that a Collaborative Design model would be dynamic in our school, which led us to create our guiding question, “How might we amplify the nature and culture in our building to advance our instructional pedagogy through genuine conversations and authentic sharing experiences?” To support Collaborative Design, we embedded a ‘purple’ plan into our admin schedule that supports our staff in collaborating across grades and subjects on passion projects, allowing them time and resources to make an impact towards their own professional learning.

To make learning at CES visible, we created the hashtag #BECrossfield, with a focus on Golden Buzzer moments! Golden Buzzer moments are kids helping kids on the playground, teachers supporting families and each other, as well as shared learning experiences across grade levels that celebrate literacy, numeracy and student competencies. Golden Buzzer moments are meeting the diverse needs of our students, learning together and celebrating kindness and gratitude.

As we begin our journey into Innovators by Design, we will not race to the finish line. Instead, we will work together to build leaders, to showcase our community, to be kind, and to make a difference, because we are all excited and proud to #BECrossfield.