I CAN: Get Into G.E.A.R.!

Andrea Craigie – Principal, Ralph McCall School – The draft narrative of Rocky View Schools’ next Four Year Plan is centered around the acronym I CAN (Connect – Achieve – Navigate). Acronyms can be effective mnemonic devices for recalling important key words related to important key work. The upcoming work everyone in RVS will undertake, related to I CAN, will be meaningful. This blog serves to celebrate meaningful work already underway, work that will continue and work that already directly relates to the “C” and the “N” in I CAN:

  • Connect: Students engage in real-world, hands-on learning experiences that matter to them.

  • Navigate: Students make a difference in their life, school, community and the world.

This work even has its own initiative and acronym – Get Into G.E.A.R

Gathering Edibles for Airdrie Residents was the brainchild of an Airdrie administrator in 2009. Prior to G.E.A.R., most schools participated in some form of food drive for the Airdrie Food Bank, often during the Christmas season. However, recognizing our families need support at times other than just Christmas, Get into G.E.A.R. organizes and mobilizes all Airdrie and Crossfield schools. Now in its 10th year, G.E.A.R. offers a coordinated schedule whereby the Airdrie Food Bank receives large donations throughout the school year. One or two schools plan a food drive every month from September through June.

With the first part of this school year already behind us, the 2019 schedule for schools is:

  • January: R.J. Hawkey, Cooper’s Crossing

  • February: Ralph McCall, W.H. Croxford

  • March: Ecole Edwards, Meadowbrook

  • April: Muriel Clayton, Windsong Heights

  • May: RVS Community Learning Centre, Herons Crossing

  • June: Crossfield, C.W. Perry

Schools organize their endeavour in a variety of ways, sometimes around a theme and/or sometimes as friendly inter- or intra-school competition. Student leadership groups often oversee logistics, allowing the student body to see the reward of their efforts and come to understand the significance of their actions.

G.E.A.R. is real-world, hands on learning.

G.E.A.R. is students making a difference in their community.

What would happen if all of Rocky View Schools Got Into G.E.A.R.?!