What Are the Steps for Success?

Nancy Lake – Program Learning Specialist, Education CentreEnabling Students to Achieve Their Potential - We are all bombarded with messages to “live your best life” (Oprah Winfrey), to “be all you can be” (US Army), or to “be the best version of yourself” (Steph Curry). However, no one really “spells it out” for us. It seems like such a lofty and noble goal, but no one knows how to get there. It can be overwhelming at times. What are the steps for success? 

As parents, we want the best for our kids. We want to see them achieve their full potential and to live fulfilled lives. We want them to be happy and to be there to celebrate their successes with them. We want them to be able to advocate for themselves and be contributing members of society. It’s a daunting task for parents to help kids navigate this journey...to be the best version of themselves. How do we help our kids achieve their potential? Where do we start? 

At RVS, our teachers have the same desires for their students. We want our students to achieve their full potential both in and out of our classes and to be happy at school. We want them to be able to advocate for themselves as learners and to know the supports they need to help them be successful. How do we help our students meet the high expectations and the learning objectives at school? Where do we start? 

One of the ways RVS is trying to help students achieve their academic potential is by providing a roadmap that has clear directions for student success. Like a map, students need to know the final destination and the steps they need to take to get there. Kindergarten to Gr. 8/9 teachers have begun the process of taking curricular concepts and breaking them down into steps (learning progressions) that clearly explain what a student needs to demonstrate to reach the goal. This gives students clear learning targets and manageable, attainable goals. 

Another way RVS is trying to help students succeed is by giving them specific and timely feedback that allows students to fine tune their path and adjust their course before the end of the term/semester/year. By responding in real-time to assessment results, teachers can show students where they currently are, adjust instruction to suit student needs and explain what they need to do next to reach their goal. 

RVS also provides many tools and opportunities to help students set goals, reflect on their path and celebrate their successes with parents. Goal-setting, reflection and celebration may occur online with a portfolio or in person at a three-way conference or at a celebration of learning. We desire that students know themselves as learners, are risk-takers unafraid to make mistakes and celebrate their accomplishments. 

Communicating student learning in a variety of ways to both students and parents has been a focus at RVS for many years. Our hope is that parents feel well-informed about their child’s learning journey and the steps they need to take to have success and achieve their full potential. It is our desire to collaboratively work with you to help your child become the best version of themselves. 

To learn more about RVS’ comprehensive system to communicate student learning and the most recent addition to the initiative (Real-Time Reporting), click here.