Embracing discomfort for personal growth

Kim Smith, Communications Advisor - Education Centre - As I sit at my computer trying to write my first blog it’s like watching my five-year-old self try to eat my vegetables. I’m uncomfortable, twitchy even, this is not my forté. As a trained graphic designer, I’ve mostly worked in a world of shapes and colours, not black text on a white screen. This is SO not my sandbox; I feel vulnerable and a bit scared. I scowl at my blank screen and liken it to staring down that plate of greens when I was little.

Part of creating a culture of innovators is encouraging everyone to take risks, work through those twitches and push through the discomfort. Much like how those veggies helped me grow strong, I know that persevering through this will help me grow to be more prepared for greater endeavours in the future.

And so, I push on and put text to page…

RVS’ blog site, 2023 by Design, was developed to help build our communities’ awareness and understanding of our education system and its direction as it relates to our new Four Year Plan (4YP). This year, RVS bloggers contributed stories about the great work being done within RVS and how we can all continue to learn and implement different strategies that benefit students.

As RVS moves ahead with the 4YP implementation this fall, we need to hear from even more of you! Don’t worry if you have never blogged before, you have a story and this audience wants to read it! Last year, contributors shared stories about learning environments, building resiliency, shaping a school’s culture, professional learning, meeting students where they are at and what achievement really means. There is so much more to talk about!

How to take that bite and write a blog

  1. Identify your topic – choose something you are interested in or are passionate about.
  2. Choose your call to action – are you are trying to: inform, create a conversation, ask someone to join a cause or persuade readers to see your perspective?
  3. Create your headline – make it catchy and relevant so it catches the reader’s attention.
  4. Construct an outline – two or three ideas with two to three supporting notes under each. Keep in mind that RVS blogs should be about 500 words, so your ideas must be concise.
  5. Write! While still grammatically correct, blogs are typically less formal and they have a more conversational tone. Grab the reader’s attention by beginning with an anecdote, quote or statistic and, where possible, include images, links and videos.
  6. Submit your work - Send it to me. I will be a second set of eyes, make suggestions and walk you through the process of posting your blog on 2023 by Design.

Finished! Time for dessert

Well, that wasn’t so bad, I made it through and so will you. It turns out those vegetables really were good for me, just as this latest blog-writing challenge was too.

If you have questions or want to sign up to write a blog, send me an e-mail or pop by my desk at the Education Centre. Let’s showcase even more of the fantastic learning initiatives and journeys taking place throughout RVS.

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