Signs of the 4YP Taking Root

Greg Luterbach, Superintendent of SchoolsAs we move into the second half of the school year, I can see signs of our new Four Year Plan (4YP), Innovators by Design, taking root. Early sprouts are beginning to appear as innovative ideas are implemented; it's an exciting time!

One of the ways I know the 4YP is taking root is from what I hear. The RVS vernacular now includes terms and phases like: ‘playbooks’, ‘how might we’, ‘I wonder’, ‘discover’, ‘define’, ‘develop’, ‘document’, ‘prototypes’, ‘practice guides’, ‘design teams’, and countless others. Wind back 18 months and many of these phrases were not commonplace within RVS. With the new 4YP and supporting structures in place, these words describe our efforts as we work together to ensure all students connect, achieve and navigate.

Building your garden is not without challenge. I recognize that it has been challenging reimaging our school education plan and school annual results review process. Schools have been put into flux with a new process that we continue to iterate and prototype in the wild. Many are experiencing discomfort with a process that no one has been through before. It is important to know that the discomfort you may be feeling is perfectly fine. In fact, it is natural and I am right there with you.

We remain committed to ensuring we have the right mixture to help the garden grow. Over the past few weeks, we have begun to collect feedback on the school spring and fall playbook processes and the Education Centre playbook process. In addition to feedback collected throughout the process by many of the playbook facilitators, the Superintendent Design Team on System Redesign and the Superintendent Action Team are now digging into how the process can iterate to address what we learned in this first prototype. Stay tuned for what those groups come up with.

Other promising growth includes the newly written Inclusion Practice Guide stemming from the Superintendent Design Team on Inclusion, Inclusion Council and our staff within the Learning Department. Using the discover/define/develop and document structure, it sets out to describe the ‘Rocky View way’ for how we will work together to build a truly inclusive structure to help meet the needs of an increasingly diverse school community. It describes six key approaches that we will use to help provide inclusive learning environments. Over the next few months, we will see an Instructional Design Practice Guide describing the ‘Rocky View way’ in relation to how we approach teaching and learning. The last of the practice guides in the current queue is about Professional Learning.

Thanks to all the gardeners out there who are tending to the 4YP. It is you who will make the garden grow and flourish and it is our students and communities who will benefit from those efforts.